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HearthPro Episode 23: Hello Goodbye

by - 5 years ago

Eva and Stephen are back: Eva wears the bunny ears for one last time, and Stephen puts on his lawyer ears. The crew discusses weapons in Hearthstone, the recently released Hearthstone clone “Sleeping Dragon”, and welcomes all the new open beta players to the game with some thoughts on basic deck building.

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Marc Huber

Marc is dad to three kids and lives in the Chicago suburbs. He plays Rongar the Orc shaman in World of Warcraft. He blogs about Hearthstone and co-hosts HearthPro Show, the official podcast of BlizzPro for all things Hearthstone.

One response to “HearthPro Episode 23: Hello Goodbye”

  1. Stephen Stewart says:

    Something I just thought of with weapons and classes that have them versus classes that don’t, what if, in the spirit of RP, the non-weapon classes could equip “off hands” where the weapon would normally go and it helps support a certain style of play? Maybe the Warlock’s gives them +1 spell damage for a certain amount of turns? Priests can hold something that improves their healing, etc. And, as a counter, you can introduce a minion with a Battlecry that destroys those off-hands (or just allow the Ooze to do so, giving it continued value against all matchups).

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