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What Legendaries to Craft in the Current Meta

by - 4 years ago

Back in October, Eldorian wrote an article talking about the most valuable legendaries to craft with your hard earned dust. The article came after a lot of internal discussion between the staff, and ultimately a consensus was reached based on where Hearthstone’s metagame was at the time. Our guide was released just before what most would consider to be the rise of the aggro deck. As aggro’s stock rose, a couple of the cards we recommended really saw their values start to plummet. It’s because of this that we thought it was worthwhile to update our rankings on legendaries.

Here’s our list for the top five, along with some honorable mentions:


1. Sylvanas Windrunner: There is no more valuable legendary in the game right now. Sylvanas fits into just about every deck and is always painful to deal with. If you silence her, she’s still a 5/5. If you kill her and have something else on the board, she takes it. Certainly, there are answers for her, but they are few and far between. Arguably, she should be your top legendary right now, and if you don’t have her, you should definitely look to craft her.


2. Leeroy Jenkins: If you’re running a fast paced aggro deck, Leeroy Jenkins is the best closing option in the game. Warlocks and Rogues can combo him with Power Overwhelming and Cold Blood for devastating results. Outside of pure aggro decks, he’s still essentially a Fireball that can be used to get rid of a problematic minion, or seal the game. While he does create two 1/1’s for your opponent, those can be handled fairly easily by most of the decks being run right now. Arcane Golem and Reckless Rocketeer can be used as substitutes, but make no mistake, they’re poor substitutes.


3. Bloodmage Thalnos: This legendary is a must have for decks that rely on spell power. While his stats are lower than Kobold Geomancer’s, he also gives you a card upon dying, and a 2/2 and a 1/1 both die to a lot of the same spells and minions. His two mana cost ensures that, like Kobold Geomancer, he can be dropped on the fly to boost your spells up to backbreaking levels. I highly recommend crafting this card, especially if you run Rogue, Druid or Shaman decks.


4. Ragnaros: This guy used to be tops, but as the meta continues to favor super fast decks, Ragnaros often doesn’t get out in time to accomplish much. He hits very hard, but what’s one eight damage nuke in the face of six minions on the board? Control’s starting to become a bit more viable these days, but that doesn’t really help all that much, as Big Game Hunter, AKA ‘DIE RAGNAROS DIE’ is starting to be seen more regularly. He’s worth having because he’s capable of delivering instant returns, but temper your expectations here. He’s just one giant Fire Elemental in the face of the swarm.


5. Ysera: Ysera’s another legendary that used to be very highly regarded because of her ability to generate some super strong cards. These days however, a nine mana creature that doesn’t instantly damage the board upon coming out is tough to get behind. If you can drop her however, she’ll still be a great boon for you, given her ability to dodge Big Game Hunter while giving you extra firepower. The 4/12 frame makes her fantastic for mop up duty on the board, even if she does get silenced.

Honorable Mentions: Black Knight, Baron Geddon

DISCLAIMER: This can and will change as the metagame shifts. We’ll be sure to update these rankings as it becomes necessary. For a more in-depth discussion on the top five cards, feel free to check out the video below.

We’re eager to know your thoughts though. What would your top five legendary picks be in the current Hearthstone metagame?

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