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Deck List of the Week: Druid Control

by - 5 years ago

There’s a fantastic line in Fallout 3, “War never changes”. It’s great. Except, in Hearthstone, war totally changes. Of late, there’s been a marked shift away from pure aggression, with more and more people migrating to midrange and control style decks. My personal poison of late has been a Druid control deck. It features a number of large minions, with the major goal of stalling until late enough in the game where your opponent has exhausted spells that deal with large creatures. This deck isn’t all that cheap, and it’s certainly not perfect, but it does a good enough job against most of the current decks to where I feel it’s worth sharing.

Druid Control by ZenStyle
Class: Druid
Cards sorted by Low Cost

Druid (22)

Neutral (8)


This deck focuses on controlling the board through the plethora of removal cards the Druid deck features. Both Claw and Wrath are fantastic for dealing with early game aggression, while also featuring the potential for late game usefulness in the form of additional HP (Claw’s armor buff) and card draw (Wrath’s one damage ping plus a card). Transitioning into the midgame, Swipe, Starfall and Starfire are all viable control options against most of the common minions being run right now. Big Game Hunter is included to deal with larger creatures, and depending on your match-up, it might be worth running two of them. Oozes will also need to be tossed in as a sideboard option.

Use Healing Touch and Ancient of Lore as is necessary to keep your health up and stall until it’s time to start dropping larger minions. Ancient of War, Ironbark Protector and Ragnaros are all large enough to give enemies without kill cards fits. That said, never drop them all in succession, unless you’re positive your opponent has no answer. The last thing you want to do is drop two Ironbark Protectors into an Equality/Consecration nightmare. This deck aims to control, not overwhelm, until that very last moment.

Here’s a video explaining all of the card choices, and possible alternatives:

And, here’s the deck in action:


NOTE: This deck does not feature Bloodmage Thalnos because I don’t own him. If you do own him, drop a Harvest Golem and run him. He’ll take your spells to terrible new heights, and also provide you a card.

Robert Wing


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  1. Guile says:

    Why no Nourrish instead of Healing Touch?
    Too much Card Advantage already?

  2. Viray says:

    War never changes is a first sentence in every Fallout, starting from part one. The whole speech is voiced by Ron Pearlman.

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