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HearthPro Episode 18: Arena Riot

by - 6 years ago

In this episode, Eva, Robert, and Marc discuss some recent development in the broader context of eSports, quickly look at available iOS Hearthstone apps, and run through a few rounds of Arena picks for a priest deck. See the results of the first ten picks in our show notes as each co-host weighs in on their preferred picks.

Arena Deck: Priest (cards sorted by Low Cost)

Neutral (9)

Priest (1)

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Marc Huber

Marc is dad to three kids and lives in the Chicago suburbs. He plays Rongar the Orc shaman in World of Warcraft. He blogs about Hearthstone and co-hosts HearthPro Show, the official podcast of BlizzPro for all things Hearthstone.

3 responses to “HearthPro Episode 18: Arena Riot”

  1. webb says:

    Did you check out hearthpedia? It came out recently. Works really well for my needs.


    here’s the reddit thread where it was announced.


    • Rongar says:

      I’ll admit I did not test that one, but I believe I mentioned during the show that I was only looking at iOS apps (which this one is), and only those that ran on my platform. My iPhone is so outdated, that I cannot install iOS 7, which is required for Hearthpedia. As a result, I didn’t give this one a fair shake.

      Thank you for the suggestion, and I am glad you posted it for our listeners and readers to evaluate for themselves.

  2. Kasper SøktomåbyttetilBilly Br says:

    I’m super happy! I was given a Hearthstone Beta Key and it was valid! Click http://hearthstonebetakeys.cc

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