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How to Hearthstone: Choosing a Deck

by - 4 years ago

Are you totally new to Hearthstone? To the point that guides on arena picks and analyzing potential foes means little to nothing? If so, we’re rolling out a new series of videos on BlizzPro, How to Hearthstone. This series will start at the very beginning, explaining some of the differences between the various classes, as well what you should consider when it comes to building a deck. After covering the basics, we’ll get into specifics and talk deck types, turn types, the whole nine yards. If you’re more casual and looking to get better over time, this will be the series for you.

Episode One of How to Hearthstone starts simple, talking about what to do after initially finishing the tutorial. It might be that you want to continue playing as Jaina Proudmoore and make use of the Mage set. If not, you’ll want to figure out which deck set to unlock next. This video offers some very touch and go information on what the respective cards do, who the characters are and what you can expect.

Robert Wing