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What Legendary Should I Craft?

by - 5 years ago

It’s a question that comes up quite often for those who have been in closed beta for Hearthstone and it will be a question people will continue to ask when they have a chance to play the game “I have enough dust to craft a legendary, which one should I get first?”

It’s a good question and there are a lot of options out there and some are better than others. If you have a specific class you want to play then each class has it’s own legendary card that tends to be pretty good. However, in my opinion you probably want the legendary that will have the most utility and give you the best bang for your buck. This means getting a legendary that will fit in as many decks as possible with as many archetypes as possible. The following are what I consider the top 5 legendary cards you should look into getting first before all others – if you don’t open them, you should for sure look into crafting them.

1. Ragnaros the Firelord


In my opinion, Ragnaros is the best legendary in the game. If you are looking for a legendary to craft and you don’t own him yet, do so. He fits in nearly every single deck and is a pure game changer when he comes out. Plop him down on 8th turn and he’s going to deal 8 damage to something right then. Your opponent has limited options if they’re not a Priest with mind control. If they silence him he now becomes an 8/8 that can attack and if your opponent does nothing then something on their side of the board is going to take 8 damage again. They’ll have to spend their removal spells or trade several creatures to bring him down. In the end, that gains you some board control of your own and quite possibly good card advantage. Ragnaros should always be your number one choice.

2. Ysera


Ysera is a very close 2nd to Ragnaros and if she was 1 mana less I might have put her at number 1. Ysera can also go in nearly every deck and quite often if you see someone playing Ragnaros, they will also have Ysera in the deck as well. She will also give you immediate benefit of not just having a 4/12 in play but also gives you a free card at the end of your turn in the form of a dream card. If you played Ragnaros turn 8 and your opponent had to deal with it then turn 9 is going to make them have a tough time dealing with Ysera and could nearly guarantee you victory. Your opponent could silence her giving making her still an effective 4/12 and if you’re lucky you might have gotten the dream card Dream which you’ll get to play on Ysera and drop her once again. Ragnaros and Ysera make a great team in nearly any non aggro deck.

Here is the list of Dream Cards you can get from her:

3. Bloodmage Thalnos


At first look you may think I’m crazy adding Bloodmage Thalnos as the #3 legendary to craft. He’s just a measly 1/1 for 2 mana after all. However, the real beauty of Bloodmage Thalnos is that he also has +1 spell damage and if he dies you get to draw a card. It’s like if Kobold Geomancer and Loot Hoader got together and made a baby, Bloodmage Thalnos would be the result… and that’s a really disturbing idea to think about. The real value of Bloodmage Thalnos is he will fit in pretty much every deck because close to every deck will benefit from spell damage and drawing cards in this game is a really good way to win. If your opponent decides to waste a silence on this guy then they have other things to worry about down the road.

4. Sylvanas Windrunner


Sylvanas Windrunner is a 5/5 with the deathrattle ability to take control of a random enemy minion. I think she’s an under appreciated legendary card that doesn’t see a lot of play since people seem to think she’s really bad if your opponent doesn’t have any minions on the board when she dies. Quite the contrary though in my opinion. If she dies and your opponent doesn’t have any minions on the board then that most likely means that your opponent had to make sacrifices to their play in order to make that happen. Sylvanas is all about the mindgame aspect and at 5/5 she’s not an easy one to take on. Worst case scenario your opponent dies a 1 to 1 trade that they wouldn’t want to do and the board is clear. Best case scenario is you get to kill one of their creatures and then gain control of another putting the board in your favor.

5. The Hero Legendary Cards

All of the classes have 1 legendary in them and depending on the class you really want to play all of them are pretty decent to look into. Tirion Fordring is phenomenal, Lord Jaraxxus is loads of fun, King Krush is ridiculous. All of the single class legendary cards are pretty decent and should be considered. Sure, you can’t play them in every deck but if you have a favorite class you enjoy playing, then definitely take a look at the legendary available for that class if you have these other cards above here already straightened out.

Here’s a full list of those cards:

Now, your opinion may vary from my own and you don’t feel like my list is correct and that’s ok! I’m basing my thoughts on the current meta in not only what I see in ranked constructed play but also during tournaments such as the recent MLG/ManaGrind tournaments. If you feel you would rank one legendary above another or a legendary I missed completely, feel free to let is know in the comments!

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