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Hidden Hearthstone Quest List

by - 6 years ago


Updated 4/10/2017

  • Win 5 games in practice mode – Award: 1 classic card pack
  • Complete a game in any play mode (or Arena) – Award: 1 classic card pack
  • Play 3 games in any play mode (or Arena) –Award: 100 gold
  • Unlock every hero – Award: 100 gold
  • Get any class to level 10 – Award: 1 classic card pack
  • Win 100 games in any mode – Award: 300 gold
  • Win 1,000 games in any mode – Award: 300 gold
  • Defeat all expert AI – Award: 100 gold
  • Disenchant a card – Award: 95 Arcane Dust
  • Enter the arena – Award: Free arena entry
  • Collect every card in the basic set (all classes to level 10) – Award: 100 gold
  • Collect every card in the expert set – Award: 100 gold
  • Win 3 games in Arena or Play mode – Award: Hearthsteed World of Warcraft mount (log into WoW to claim)
  • Win 100 games in play mode – Award: Hearthstone card back mount in Heroes of the Storm (log into Heroes to claim)
  • Open your first Whispers of the Old Gods pack – Award: C’thun legendary card and 2x Beckoner of Evil
  • Recruit a friend (up to 5) – Award: 1 classic card pack for each friend recruited
  • Play a game on an iPad – Award: 1 classic card pack
  • Play a game on an Android Tablet – Award: 1 classic card pack
  • Play a game on an iPhone – Award: 1 classic card pack
  • Play a game on an Android Phone – Award: 1 classic card pack
  • Log into the game on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Series phone  – Award: 3 classic card packs and Galaxy Gifts card back

No longer attainable by quest:

  • Own every pirate card – Award: Captain’s Parrot
  • Own every golden pirate card – Award: Golden Captain’s Parrot
  • Own every Murloc card – Award: Old Murk-Eye
  • Own every golden Murloc card – Award: Golden Old Murk-Eye
  • Make a real money purchase in the game – Award: Golden Gelbin Mekkatorque (beta only)

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16 responses to “Hidden Hearthstone Quest List”

  1. EspionageWalrus says:

    This will be a nice article to come back to – IF I EVER GET A KEY >:c

  2. David M Juiliano says:

    Thanks I didn’t know about collecting every Pirate and Murloc cards for rewards.

  3. Мурад Караханьянц says:

    So sad that still don’t have this game =(

  4. DKBalex says:

    Remember Diablo 3? Well dont get to excited about this game, i think this game is awesome, but i thought the same about diablo and a lot of people hated it. Just giving you a heads up.

  5. Viesturs Orehovs says:

    it be nice to get some key

  6. ScytheNoire says:

    Some of those rewards seem kind of weak, such as collecting every card.

  7. Stelios Kromidha says:

    please give e key

  8. Doman says:

    well this is a very good list.. if you guys are still having trouble getting gold check this tutorial http://hearthstoneguide.org/get-gold/

  9. chris says:

    I just got “crush them all” defeat every enemy on expert mode – 100 gold!

  10. kamilman says:

    The quests for old murk eye and the captain’s parrot are NOT AVAILABLE anymore, post whispers of the old gods, since these cards became wild. The other quests are still available.

  11. groove_hoob says:

    Does the game show if you’ve completed quests?

  12. Pakka77 says:

    Play a game from an Android Device.

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