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HearthPro Episode 10: eSports, Friends and Trolls

by - 7 years ago

We’re talking open beta, eSports, socialization and card trading, and “Miss Manners” for Hearthstone. Robert takes a look at an aggro Paladin deck. For other extra curricular activities, Eva will be doing a 25-hour streaming event for the Extra Life charity on November 2nd. For more information, please visit: extra-life.org

Ryans Paladin Deck

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Marc Huber

Marc is dad to three kids and lives in the Chicago suburbs. He plays Rongar the Orc shaman in World of Warcraft. He blogs about Hearthstone and co-hosts HearthPro Show, the official podcast of BlizzPro for all things Hearthstone.

14 responses to “HearthPro Episode 10: eSports, Friends and Trolls”

  1. Allan Osmond says:

    Awesome to listen to while watching hearthstone videos!

  2. John says:

    Awesome!! although i get here searching for a beta, there’s really good Hearthstone material here.

  3. Emanuel Unge says:

    Great stuff! Thanks 🙂

  4. Kirtus says:

    you guys did a great job making it very interesting and fun to listen too.

  5. Nick says:

    Pretty amped to be reminded that podcasts are a thing as I love to listen to them while exercising, and the content here warranted getting back into them.

    Great insight into the economy – I agree that we’ll probably see more microtransactions from Blizzard. I’m surprised that they use real money price tags rather than a “premium currency” that provides many psychological incentives to spend more. The big warning label suggests lawsuit countermeasures I suppose. At any rate, I’m very impressed with the smart and elegant game they’ve engineered.

    Keep these podcasts coming! Meanwhile I have the rest of the series to backtrack and listen to.

  6. Josh Gnadt says:

    I can admit that I came here for the beta key, but will be staying for the quality content of this website and podcast. Very insightful, and in some ways more entertaining than some streams. Please keep up the good content, this community is amazing!

  7. Jax says:

    Just tried crafting that deck and noticed it is only 28 cards

  8. manaray49 says:

    Going to download this for my commute tomorrow.

  9. John says:

    Thanks for doing this!

  10. Rongar says:

    Thank you, guys – we really appreciate the feedback 🙂

  11. selebu says:

    Wow just look at all these comments 🙂 Just finished listening to this episode. There was a lot that I wanted to add to the eSport discussion. Very good episode. Probably the best yet.

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