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Deck List of the Week: Hunter – IT’S A TRAP!

by - 5 years ago

In this week’s Deck List of the Week we cover a not so competitive deck, but a fun and cheap deck for those on a budget. Right now the tier 1 hunter decks do a lot of beast shenanigans with Starving Buzzard, Scavenging Hyena, Timber Wolf, and Unleash the Hounds. This deck though is more about screwing with the heads of your opponent and frustrating them.

So I bring to you the deck that I call “IT’S A TRAP!”


Once looking at the deck list I think you’ll realize very quickly why it’s named that.

So the idea of this deck is to basically sit back and keep your opponent’s board clear of minions. You can use Deadly Shot and Multi-Shot along with your traps to do that. You try every turn to beat down your opponent some with your hero power, steady shot. This deck really shines though when you are able to use your Eaglehorn Bow in conjunction with the traps so that you are always dealing 5 damage a turn when you can. You can dish out a lot of damage also when you have Stranglethorn Tiger or Savannah Highmane in conjunction with Kill Command.

Like I said, this deck isn’t going to be super competitive and it won’t get you to 3 star masters. However, if you want a cheap and fun deck to play you might want to give it a shot and see how you like it. You can see the deck in action with the video below:

JR Cook

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