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Giving Away 40 Hearthstone Beta Keys

by - 7 years ago

EDIT: This contest is NOW CLOSED. Please check back later today as we have more opportunities to win beta keys (300 more in fact)

EDIT 2: Winners have been selected and emailed. Congrats! See my comments below for more information on the process involved.

The Blizzard community team, being as awesome as they are, have provided us with 40 Hearthstone Beta Keys to give away.

We know you guys not only want these keys in your hands as fast as possible but that you’re sick of jumping through hoops to try and get them. So this one we’re making it easy for you.

Fill out the form below. On Sunday October 13 at noon CST we’ll randomly pick 40 entries to win and we’ll email you the key. These email will come from jrcook@blizzpro.com so please whitelist that email address so it doesn’t get lost in spam. That’s it, that’s all you have to do.

We might have more giveaways later and we may or may not announce them here (for example last week TwizzCast gave away a Hearthstone beta key during their live show without announcing it beforehand). So if you don’t want to miss those we recommend doing the following:

None of that is required for this contest though, just a heads up for those who want to maximize future chances.

Now fill out this form to enter and cross your fingers that you’ll see an email from me on Sunday.

JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

231 responses to “Giving Away 40 Hearthstone Beta Keys”

  1. Joza polanski says:

    i did it first 😀

  2. XOTiCc says:

    thank you for the chance to be apart of the give-away id be nice to get a key aswell birthday is in a few days… hint hint wink wink 😉 haha thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone

  3. aexitus says:

    Jow blizzpro. Nice chane, nice site, nice action. GG and have a nice weekend folks.

  4. timon19741 says:

    i tak nie wygram 🙁 (a może :))

  5. Maxime Labelle says:

    Good luck to everyone 😛

  6. Dark Descent says:

    Let’s see what happens.

  7. Axwell says:

    thank you blizzpro ! and gl to everyone 😉

  8. heartstonebetakeypls says:

    plz gifff me beta key

  9. Graenor Boulderhoof says:

    I cannot see the form! It does not appear! What am I doing wrong?

  10. juan antonio galan says:

    Please give me a beta key

  11. Björn Lönnborg says:

    Cmoooon beta key 😀

  12. Kerbi says:

    Please i need a key !

  13. Dominik Konarzewski says:

    Im waiting for the beta to arrive at my mailbox from the first time i ever heared of that game… I hope that blizzard will launch that game very soon and i’d be so damn happy if i would get one of the beta keys ;/

  14. Fynziie Zonamiz says:

    i followed to all ;w;

  15. AdriEv says:

    Thanks for giving us the oportunity of getting a beta key 🙂

  16. อับดุลเซาะ ดินทรุด says:


  17. Zapmore says:

    Beta! Here I come!

  18. Nikolaj Nielsen says:

    Hope so much to win this key!
    Man, the hopes!

  19. Dan Mead says:

    What are you currently doing to prevent people with multiple e-mail accounts from filling out multiple forms? I’ve stared at the form for a few minutes contemplating using all my e-mail addresses to increase my chance of winning a key but I’ve decided to do the right thing and apply once.

  20. Salvi says:

    One beta pleeeeeaseeeeee

  21. lolonlyplay says:

    i hope i will win=)

  22. DoublePoney says:

    props guys, thanks for the share ! 🙂

  23. Heinz Schubert says:

    Hopefully i get one 😀

  24. zplague says:

    i hope i can get one!! i’m following this from a long time now D:

  25. Dflame says:

    I hope i win, gl to all 🙂

  26. jimmy chia says:

    I’m at my 3rd giveaway. I hope my persistence pays off.

  27. Quattro Qtr says:

    give it to me pleaseeee

  28. Chinnawat Chinnapun says:

    thk for 40 keys

  29. Bassam Interista Youssef says:

    i want one too 🙁

  30. Joza polanski says:

    cmmon we can got one 😀

  31. Noah says:

    beta to me!! plz plz 🙂

  32. Leo Liu says:

    wish to have a key for a longgggggggg time

  33. Zogriim says:

    Give me one key pls 🙂

  34. Penelope Holson says:

    😀 Hope I get one!

  35. Lekse says:

    gogogo pls beta key

  36. exzi4wp says:

    Random the best!

  37. Sondre Mullin says:

    I want this so much! good luck guys 🙂

  38. Zoltan0813 says:

    Good luck everybody to get a key 😀

  39. Michael Newman says:

    Good luck everybody!

    I got my key from this site:

    hearthstone is so awesome!

  40. Min Han says:

    please give me one key

  41. Eric Lin says:

    Awesome!! Thank you!

  42. Gustavo says:

    I need 1 please.. or i will cry (more)

  43. Drognettino says:

    Guys me love you

  44. zeracoa says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone

  45. Jack says:

    OMG, AHAHA, Good luck everyone.

  46. อับดุลเซาะ ดินทรุด says:


  47. Amiel says:

    Key please! 😀

  48. Mateusz says:

    Im need kay. Im love Hearthstone:)

  49. Dave C says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to all!

  50. Jolie Jolie says:

    wany a key 😀

  51. castielq says:

    I really wish that i get the key.

  52. Ioannis Skouras says:

    Gee contests seem to hate me for the last couple of weeks but whatever, might as well keep trying, game is awesome after all.

  53. Warpedsanity says:

    Hopefully I get a key :]

  54. Ahmad Afnan Kamaruzaman says:

    This seems like something the bots can easily win. I’ll give it a try anyway. Holiday is coming to an end. T-T

  55. Ahmad Afnan Kamaruzaman says:

    And I apologize if I made more than one entry I tend to forget if I had submitted the form already D: Best of luck everyone 🙂

  56. Beyazit Önderli says:

    All set ready to go !

  57. Антон Чулков says:


  58. Destoffe says:

    Maybe the wait is over:D cross fingers!

  59. Vera Krasivaya says:


  60. Rageamon says:

    I have been waiting so long for a key, and if i got one from you guys it would make my month. Please help me win a key and get into this amazing game! I wish everyone luck ~ Rageamon

  61. Stas says:

    ME NEEEEEED KEY!It’s very important

  62. SoulRecon1 says:

    If you gift me a key today I promise to be your bff
    Pinky swear 😀

  63. geury rodriguez says:

    go key pls u.u

  64. gamerexq says:

    Thanks for this! 🙂

  65. Mastourofilo says:

    Awesome,40 keys means more chances!!!Thank you blizzpro and GL everyone!

  66. Perdhu says:

    This sounds really good! good luck everyone! 🙂

  67. Guney Erdogan says:

    send me a key please

  68. MyDixieWrecked says:

    key plez

  69. Victor Cabecinha says:

    is it still on? hope so.. good luck everyone =)

  70. DaFish says:

    I so badly need this game… the amount of content i have to watch to keep me from going mad is insane!

  71. Mariusz Obidziński says:

    GL to every1, lets hope for key :^)

  72. shamisen says:

    for god’s sake

  73. juan says:

    good luck for all

  74. Wei Kiat Tay says:

    Good Luck All, wish i could get 1.

  75. Constandin Demetreus says:

    i want one sooo much!!!

  76. Solar says:

    *fingers crossed for everyone*

  77. Maksym Piech says:

    plzzzzzz i want this game so bad xd

  78. Michael says:

    Need one i am dieing of not palying this game

  79. Maksym Piech says:

    does anyone know what time they are giving them away?

  80. Frydo says:

    Hope I will win :).. But good luck to everyone 🙂

  81. Arcabis says:

    how much time left? 😛

  82. Arcabis says:

    how much time left to end ?

  83. Barret says:

    Would love a key 🙂

  84. garonysek . says:

    Hoping for win 😀

  85. Froze Frozen says:

    good luck to all….

  86. Roedolf Duvenage says:

    WHoohoo! Key plox ^^

  87. Lei says:

    Would love to get an Beta Key 🙂

  88. Faruh says:

    is it still workin?;d

  89. Tongming Li says:

    A Key Plz : )

  90. Akumetsu says:

    everyone wants one otherwise wont be here …

  91. Andrea Albertini says:

    So excited and crossing fingers… good luck to *everyone*, just for sportsmanship!

  92. Leonard de Bruine says:

    Thanks for sharing Eldorian. Good luck to all!

  93. VIktor says:

    gimmegimmegimme :O

  94. tevelol says:

    I Would love a key!! 😀

  95. VIktor says:

    didnt they send out the invites like 15 minutes ago?

  96. Guilherme Lemos says:

    still open? 🙂

  97. Luis says:

    I want one of them!

  98. VIktor says:

    no idea, it doesnt say if its closed or not :s

  99. Fake says:

    What time a ramdomly pick?

  100. Mierzyn says:

    Waiting for key all my life…

  101. Hasacz says:

    Hearthstone my love ;*

  102. Joza polanski says:

    i give up after this one

  103. Donneh says:

    i think its still open

  104. Oscar says:

    I so badly want a key :DDD

  105. David Díaz González says:

    I want a key 🙂

  106. Oscar says:

    I want a key so badly

  107. Kevin Cheng says:

    Good Luck everyone and congrats in adv. for the ones who get the keys

  108. Maksym Piech says:

    it has been extended to 13 o’clock

  109. Ludo tapet says:

    still in time ^^ ?

  110. Conal Boyd says:

    good luck everyone

  111. disqus_0OA06Sz4pz says:

    I might be too late :’-(

  112. Joza polanski says:

    this is imposible 2 get 😀

  113. Max Justafré says:

    again 30 min !

    Good luck at all !

    I hope to be one of 40 lucky winners !

  114. Faruh says:

    what time is it?;d

  115. Joza polanski says:

    and yea gl all 😀 hope you het all i now i wont 😛

  116. Berk Türkkan says:

    Come’on I need that key Gods of HS help me 😀 !

  117. joe says:

    Fingers crossed and hope to die take my money take it all you dirty blizzard employees

  118. zPrima says:

    I call upon the gods of luck to give me the heartstone key 🙂

  119. Onexxian says:

    Bless everyone

  120. Guillaume COLLET says:

    I want tha key so much, i’m in every ( and i weight my words ) contest of giveway internet have to offer .

    Pleassee T.T

  121. Mindaugas says:

    GL everyone ^^

  122. Drognettino says:

    Put a like on https://www.facebook.com/Hearthstoneforum?hc_location=stream at 100 like they will publish a key on this page!

  123. juan says:

    at what time he is going to send the email with the key ??

  124. altmaj says:

    hey eldorian ! Have you sent the keys, or will it be later today ?

  125. Faruh says:

    oh sry, i didn’t see Eldorian’s message

  126. Mindaugas says:

    Sooo…. Have the keys been sent yet?

  127. Oscar says:

    awesome Eldorian

  128. Alex Sherman says:

    Ok waiting =)

  129. Matt James Oliver Selly says:

    Would absolutely love a key! Gl all :):)

  130. Alex Sherman says:

    good luck all hope to get key! =)

  131. Ryzhkov Stanislav says:

    Good luck guys

  132. Donneh says:

    good luck everyone

  133. Maksym Piech says:

    when are the keys being givem?? =D cant wait

  134. VIktor says:

    i have no idea. a good idea would be to close this when the giveaway is over, and acording to the time it sais it should have been over hours ago.

  135. Max Justafré says:

    I think all want win 🙂

  136. Adrián Pineda González says:

    I want a betakey!!

  137. Maksym Piech says:

    it’s over, i didnt win:(

  138. Faruh says:

    why do u think that it is over?

  139. Oscar says:

    it’s over in about 40 min

  140. Faruh says:

    19 minutes ago

    I am now going through the de-duping process and also removing bots… that will take some time. After that I will be running random.org on those left over and then it’s a manual process to email out the keys.

    My best guess is in the next hour or so.

  141. Maksym Piech says:

    EDIT: This contest is NOW CLOSED. Please check back later today as we have more opportunities to winbeta keys (300 more in fact)

  142. Timur Ivanov says:

    Give me one key plz. =)

  143. Roman Pastierovič says:

    Will there be a list o winners? Or u just email the keys?

  144. Donneh says:

    Did the winners get their key yet?

  145. Oscar says:


  146. Roman Pastierovič says:

    Its closed i think.

  147. Adrian Cristian Gheorghe says:

    How many participants are there?

  148. Oscar says:

    Oh, didn’t see that 😛

  149. Shinigahmi says:

    D: I can’t fill out the form now. Does the entry still carry over from before?

  150. Oscar says:

    https://www.facebook.com/Hearthstoneforum?hc_location=stream like that page and they’ll post a BEta key when they get to 100 followers

  151. jordi says:

    i will be the winner

  152. Adrian Cristian Gheorghe says:

    How many bots were there removed from the contest so far?

  153. Rageamon says:

    I didnt get one, dammit eldorian 🙁

  154. Adrian Cristian Gheorghe says:

    Have the keys been sent?

  155. Midas IV says:

    all keys are sent?

  156. VIktor says:

    no idea, i never got anything 🙁

  157. John says:

    I would love to have a key. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  158. 5hz3 says:

    Open or not, everyone wants a key and i think if it continues like this, people will begin to murder each other…

  159. Midas IV says:

    please post winner list

  160. juan says:

    always have the hope that email havent send it yet XDD

  161. Adrian Cristian Gheorghe says:

    An update regarding the contest would be apreciated, have the keys been sent yet, what news on the 300 keys contest?

  162. Maksym Piech says:

    Please give us an update r something!!!

  163. FEDQK says:

    I am win)))Thanks you!!!!!

  164. Micheal Kyriakos says:

    so until now no email so no key 🙁

  165. Saku Linnankoski says:

    I hope i win.

  166. Eldorian says:

    Sorry all, I was making updates about the contest on Twitter @BlizzPro. It’s a manual process and takes a couple hours to complete.

    There were 21,000 entries, after de-duping and removing bots to the best of my ability we were down to 15,000 entries for 40 keys.

    Those winners have all been emailed. So check your email, if you have one, awesome! If you don’t, check back on the site later today as we have 300 more keys to give away.

    I won’t be releasing a list of winners as many people used their real names as an entry and I do not feel comfortable releasing that information.

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