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HearthPro Episode 1: Valeera Who?

by - 7 years ago

Welcome to Episode 1 of HearthPro, BlizzPro’s official podcast for all things Hearthstone! In this episode, our hosts Marc and Robert discuss recent blue posts, and talk about how the shaman and rogue deck compare to how the two classes play in World of Warcraft. The shaman deck includes a lot of burst damage and totem minions, while the rogue deck utilizes blade fury and vanishing spells. It’s a focused lightning strike versus death by a thousand cuts. Which deck is better for beginning players?

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Marc Huber

Marc is dad to three kids and lives in the Chicago suburbs. He plays Rongar the Orc shaman in World of Warcraft. He blogs about Hearthstone and co-hosts HearthPro Show, the official podcast of BlizzPro for all things Hearthstone.

7 responses to “HearthPro Episode 1: Valeera Who?”

  1. Umbradomo says:

    I really think you guy sold Al’Akir the Windlord a bit short during the show. Sure he’s an 8 Mana cost for a 3/5, but then he has Windfury, Charge, Divine Shield and Taunt. For me the Taunt is a bit meh, but the other abilities are great.

    So for a few easy combos.

    Al’Akir + Rock Biter Weapon. 9 mana for a now 6/5 who can attack twice a turn. That’s 12 damage to an opponent with no big weapons or taunt minions, or attack two minions for 6 each or one big one for 12. And if he happens to survive the next turn it’s major ouchy time.

    A few other cards he’ll love you for, Bloodlust (+3 attack) to all minions, Flametongue Totem (Adjacent minions have +2 Attack).
    So in all not the most impressive of minions when someone looks at him. Which could make the opponent scratch their head and target another minions or a totem instead of him, but then pay for that ignorance later. Heck drop him hit for 3 on a minion then them for 3. They see no need to kill him THEN drop the big buff/s next turn and make them really regret it.

    /rubhandstogether MWUHAHAHAHAHA

    And that is me thinking out of my box since I am mainly a Rogue as well. =>

    • Rongar says:

      All great points!

      I am really looking forward to getting my hands on Hearthstone so I can start experimenting with the cards and the combos.

      I was hoping to see Ragnaros the Firelord as the shaman legendary minion instead of the Windlord, but at least Ragnaros is still available as a minion card for everyone to play.

  2. Umbradomo says:

    Yep. I by no means am saying he’s the greatest of cards but even the most ambiguous card can cause an issue with the right circumstances.

  3. Umbradomo says:

    Also as far as the Rogue Hero I think that maybe one of the SI:7 characters would have been a good fit as well. Like Mathias Shaw.

  4. Blackfeather says:

    Nice podcast, you got a new follower 🙂

    I do think you would do better with accounts on this page instead of having to log in with Disqus and whatnot, but I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with the podcast team.

  5. joe says:

    what about making two or three characters for each class with different hero power it would change the cards you would put in your deck it would make it different from all other tcgs and better.

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